Need Innovation?

If you want to take your business to a whole new level, PCDworks is your partner in Innovation

PCDworks is a New Product Development and Innovation firm, focused on helping our clients create game changing technologies.

Exceptional Ideas

We don’t “stumble” onto great ideas. We clear a path and welcome them in throught the Immersive Innovation™ process developed by PCDworks founder, psychologist Mike Rainone

Unmatched Science and Engineering

Science and engineering is at the heart of everything we do at PCDworks. That means a full array of scientific and instrumentation testing capabilities, a diverse and experienced team, and an enormous network of high level specialists. With experience across a diverse group of industries, we offer strong knowledge and skills in many fields and a unique talent for cross-pollinating technological solutions. We dig deeper, work smarter and push science and technology further than it has gone before in order to help our clients find the solutions they need.

Rapid Proof of Concept

The best way to test a theory is to see it in action. That’s why we’re committed to “getting physical fast.” With a fully outfitted prototype lab just steps away from our brainstorming facilities – we can design, build and test just about anything we dream up. We also offer a wide suite of digital tools to proof and test designs, including FEA, multi-physics analysis and analytical and mathematical modeling.

At PCDworks, we tackle your toughest problems head-on. The result: market-busting new products!