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For a quarter of a century, we've developed innovative solutions for 50+ companies across a range of industries. And we've racked up more than 30 patents along the way. Our projects span industries including renewable energy, transportation, medical, oil and gas, food processing, military, and consumer goods. To us, diversity is our strength.

Made up of a core team of passionate and experienced scientists, engineers, and technical development experts, we also call upon a global network of industry and academic resources with deep knowledge and expertise in their respective fields to bring together the right team for your particular project.

Bottom line? When you're ready to get your idea out into the world, we've got the big brains (not to mention, small egos) to make it happen.

Meet the team

Donna Rainone, AIA

Donna honed her design and management skills working as an architect designing and building multi-million-dollar healthcare facilities. She has a graduate degree in architecture from the University of Texas in Austin, and her work has been featured in several publications, including AIA Architect magazine.

Mike Rainone, NPDP, IDSA

Vice president
With 30+ patents to his name, Mike has a broad knowledge of emerging technologies coupled with a strong background in psychology and design. He has taught architecture, industrial design, and business, and has developed products for 70+ clients over a 30-year career. Mike earned an M. Arch from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MA in Psychology from the University of North Texas. He also has done doctoral work in experimental psychology at TCU.

Bert Sackett, B.S.E.E, M.S.E.E,

Bert is a seasoned engineer with extensive experience designing and developing embedded systems, both electronic- and software-based. A master of many technologies, his key skills in power supply systems, motor control, RF communications, and circuit design are a huge benefit to all PCDworks projects.

Advisory Board

Dan Overly, B.S.M.E,

He has spent his career in the Industrial sector with 32 years at ABB focused on automation in engineering, product development ,product management, sales, marketing, and service in various leadership roles around the world. He brings a perspective for PCD and our clients that is market facing and real-world practical. He has a passion for helping business grow, seeing ideas become reality and delivering results.

Michael Neal, B.S.M.E, M.S.M.E,

Technology Executive with 34 years in contract R&D that has delivered countless solutions to a broad range of technical and business challenges. Experience includes both development of technology and business in the government and industrial space. He maintains extensive experience in the design, development, and qualification of new technology and technology that is being transferred, ranging from complex electromechanical systems to commercial handheld sensor systems.

Rik Heller, B.S.E.E

Our goal is to help you
know you can succeed.


As a knowledge-based company, we use a stage gate approach that involves constant testing, refinement, and communication. This cycle of gaining knowledge through iterative research, experimentation, and discovery results in learning, which we apply to reduce risk; it's a proven methodology that breaks down a complex problem, prioritizes next steps, and increases your likelihood of success.

Here's what you can expect when you work with us.

Phase 1
Immersive Innovation session
  • Background research
    • Patent searches
    • What's already been tried
    • Technology landscape
    • Research enabling technologies
    • Competitor analysis
  • Immersive ideation session (3-4-day session)
  • Initial concepts
  • Concept refinement
Phase 2
Engineering Design
  • Concept refinement collaboration
  • Initial engineering analysis
  • Detailed design
  • Initial proof of concept test of most difficult aspect
Phase 3
Full Prototype Development
  • Collaborative prototype drawing development/refinement
  • Develop prototype
  • Prototype testing
Phase 4
Design for Manufacturing
  • Develop full set of documentation for manufacturing
Phase 5
Product Optimization / Enhancement
  • Background research on product use in market
  • Immersive ideation session to focus on product Improvement Initial concepts
  • Jointly developed proposal for next phase of targeted improvements
  • Next phase go ahead

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