Digital Torque Wrench - Consumer

PROBLEM: Find a way to make a highly precise torque wrench at the cost of a traditional off-the-self torque wrench.

PROCESS: PDworks developed a concept, then sketched, built and tested a simple prototype. After this proof of concept exercise, the design was then further refined for mass production through 3D CAD, FEA, FMEA, and DFM. Multiple prototypes were designed and tested. PCDworks then sourced low-cost components and collaborated with manufacturers to produce the unit.

RESULT: An innovative new torque wrench which takes advantage of the patented “Double Gear Sensing System” - an incredibly accurate digital positioning system that is less expensive to manufacture than competing technologies. It offers greater accuracy than costly precision torque wrenches, yet is 60-percent cheaper to produce than comparable units. The torque wrench is now on sale through the manufacturer Brown Line Metalworks.