Opportunity’s knocking, the market wants your next breakthrough. Get it ready and out the door with a hand from us. Whether you need a push, a pull, or both, we have the skill and expertise to conceive, test, and create the innovation your world is waiting for.

Are you challenged to:

  • Keep capacity to keep projects moving
  • Find talent to discover and drive great ideas to prototype
  • Deliver results on time and on budget
  • Show the market continued innovation

It hinges on you. Swing into action now and see how we can help you succeed with:

  • A diverse talent pool to discover and develop great ideas
  • The capacity to find new approaches at problem-solving
  • A track record of expertise bringing ideas to market
  • Professionals to enhance and extend your R&D team
  • A balance of business acumen and bold thinking

"If your company is truly committed to ground breaking technology development and innovation and you need thinking outside the box, look no further than PCDworks. The in-house technical team is the best combination of scientists, engineers and problem solvers that | have ever seen. They don’t take any challenge at face value. They take the deep dive necessary to find the best solution from both the technical and market perspectives. PCDworks is the partner you want if the goal is to create something game changing in your industry."

John Dreu
VP Global New Product Development
Ingersoll-Rand Security Technologies