Looking to master the art and science of new product development? Go to school on us. You'll find our staff of lifelong learners and innovators has a faculty for helping universities boost their bona fides in market research, product creation, student development, and more.

Are you finding gaps with:

  • Extensions of research groups
  • Validation as a research engine
  • Attracting new companies as clients (problem-seeking)
  • Showing new students a place to grow

It's all academic. We're singularly qualified to extend your research capabilities by helping you:

  • Organize professors into NPD generators
  • Vet ideas and determine market viability
  • Establish your product development niche
  • Round out gaps in research talent and expertise
  • Keep projects afloat and students engaged and learning
  • Elevate your university and attract new companies as clients

"PCD - Product Concept Development was instrumental in moving our Intellectual Property into the market place. PCD provided technical expertise and business acumen in a powerful combination exceeding that of any entity | have worked with in over 30 years in the technology transfer arena."

Dan G. Davis, CPA
Director of Technology Development
Sam Houston State University