How We Work With You

How We Work With You

Our goal is to help our clients succeed at any project. We understand that our clients often come to us for completely different reasons. But implicit in every project is uncertainty which directly relates to risk. Every step of our process is designed to mitigate risk. To mitigate risk as we work through a project we utilize a stage-gate process to insure that at every step we have increased knowledge thus reducing uncertainty-risk- before we move to the next stage. The stage gates are in place to insure that with every step we have increased the probability of success.

PCDworks approach outline:

Initial discussions with potential customer

  • NDA agreement
  • Understanding of Ownership of IP
  • Joint Development of Problem Statement
  • Joint Development of Approach
  • Phase I Proposal

Phase I :Contract for Immersive Innovation session

  • Background research
    • Patent Searches
    • What client has already tried
    • Technology landscape
    • Research Enabling Technologies
    • Competitor Analysis
  • Immersive Ideation Session (3-4 day session)
    • 3-6 Client Stakeholders
    • 3-4 PCDworks Team Members
    • 1-2 PCDwork Network of Experts™ team member(s)
      • Day 1 - Team-building - Technology Road-mapping - Brain dump
      • Day 2.- Idea & Concept Generation - Functional Decomposition
      • Day 3 - Definition Refinement - Early Feasibility Study
      • Day 4 - Evaluation- Idea Filter - Suggested Next Step - Plan of Attack
  • Initial Concepts (which may include):
    • VOC
    • Market study
    • Cost/Benefit analysis
  • Concept refinement
  • Proposal for Phase II (jointly developed with Customer)
  • Phase II Go Ahead

Phase II: Contract for Engineering Design

  • Concept refinement collaboratively with Customer)
  • Initial engineering analysis –
    • FEA
    • FMEA
    • Operability
    • Manufacturability
    • Safety
    • Cost
  • Checkpoint with Customer
  • Detailed design
  • Additional engineering analysis
  • Initial prototype
  • Checkpoint with Customer
  • Phase III Proposal (jointly developed with Customer)
  • Phase III Go Ahead Phase III Contract for Full Prototype

Phase III: Contract for Full Prototype

Prototype drawing development/refinement (collaboratively with Customer)

  • Develop prototype
  • Prototype testing (collaboratively with Customer)
  • Phase IV Proposal (jointly developed with Customer)
  • Phase IV go Ahead

Phase IV: Design for Manufacturing

  • Develop full set of documentation for manufacturing
  • Phase V Proposal (jointly developed with Customer)
  • Phase V Go Ahead

Phase V: Contract for Product Optimization / Enhancement

  • Background research on Product use in market
  • Immersive Ideation Session to focus on Product Improvement
  • Initial Concepts
  • Proposal for Next Phase of targeted improvements (jointly developed with Customer)
  • Next Phase Go Ahead

Every aspect of our approach has been established to mitigate risk and failure. We believe that a stage gate approach is key to success. Constant evaluation, refinement and communication makes our approach to innovation and complex technical challenges an effective and proven methodology.