Overview of case studies

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Annular Motor Design - Oil and Gas

An oil field application required a rotary motor for down-hole actuation of a proprietary device.

Using in-house proprietary motor topology, PCDworks created and modeled a number of candidate designs.

Coleman Grill- Consumer

Set up time for the customer or the assembly point in the "Big Box" store exceed 2 hours. Coleman asked PCDworks to examine the product to try to reduce assembly time and reduce the manufacturing complexity. PCDworks design efforts reduced assembly time to less than 1/2 hour, reduced the shipping cube by 20% and reduced manufacturing costs by 4%.

Custom Electromagnetic System - Oil & Gas

Electrical Actuation system needed for Oil and Gas industry for mission-critical down-hole applications.

Debridement Wand- Medical

This novel infection detecting device was developed to save time and costs to both patients and hospitals

Down-hole Cutting Technology - Oil & Gas

Down-hole blockages are very costly to service providers in the Oil and Gas sector. PCDworks came up with a novel approach to solving this challenge.

Infection Detection - Medical

Surgical site infections & MRSA explosion kill many people & cost billions in healthcare costs annually.

Oil Detection Monitor - Oil & Gas

Early detection and discrimination of oil and water in remote petrochemical production facilities can save millions in costly repairs and downtime.

Patient Cushion & Warmer - Medical

Due to the nature of spinal immobilization boards many patients were claiming back problems which caused long term problems for the patient while raising the cost of care for hospitals.

Potato Cooker - Industrial

A large US based potato manufacturer came to PCDworks to help them solve a process problem within their current manufacturing line.