PCDworks Team


Donna Rainone, AIA

President - Donna Rainone honed her design and management skills working as an architect designing and building multi-million dollar healthcare facilities. She has a graduate degree in architecture, and her work has been featured several publications, including AIA Architect magazine. Donna has an M. Arch from the University of Texas at Austin.

Mike Rainone, NPDP, IDSA

Vice President - Mike Rainone has a broad knowledge of emerging technologies coupled with a strong background in psychology and design. He has taught architecture, industrial design and business, and has developed products for 70+ clients over a 30 year career in New Product Development with clients as diverse as Sunbeam, Avery Denison, 3M, Kimberly Clark, and ONR. Mike has an M. Arch from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MA in Psychology from the University of North Texas and did doctoral work at TCU. Mike has 30+ patents and has worked on over 110 projects of those 30 years.

Bert Sackett, B.S.E.E, M.S.E.E, Bert Sackett is a seasoned engineer and a PCDworks partner, current in many technologies with extensive experience designing and developing embedded systems, both electronic and software based. His key skills in power supply systems, motor control, RF communications, and circuit design are a huge benefit to all PCDworks projects.

Caleb Nehls, B.S. Mechanical Engineering. Caleb brings an unsurpassed discipline to PCDworks in Project Management as well as mechanical engineering. He graduated from The University of Texas at Tyler Honors Program and Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Caleb is also a Veteran of the US Marine Corps where he served as a Reconnaissance Marine at 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion and III MEF Force Reconnaissance Company. He applies the Recon Creed "...surpass failure, [overcome] , [adapt] and [do] whatever it takes to accomplish the mission" to all of PCDworks projects.