We take on the toughest problems...
And find the most innovative solutions

PCDworks is unlike any technology development company you've ever known. We take on the toughest problems - and find the most innovative solutions. We're your partner in breakthrough product development.

Case Studies

With unparalleled Research, Ideation, Science, Engineering, Prototyping and Testing capabilities - PCDworks will take your idea from concept to fully functional prototype in record time.


PCDworks provides world class engineering and technical solutions across the spectrum of industry. From Industrial to Consumer to Medical market places, PCDworks provides accelerated New Product Development by combining our scientific expertise with our Immersive Ideation to help create new products for market.


Our customers share their thoughts about working with PCDworks. At PCDworks, serendipity is no accident.

Spin-off Companies

Companies founded on the findings of a member or by members of a research group at PCDworks.