Active Water Solutions, LLC

A "Smart" Solution For Wastewater Treatment


Founded in 2009 as a partnership between Sam Houston State University and PCDworks, Active Water Solutions (AWS) is dedicated to providing solutions in a variety of wastewater treatment and reuse applications. The Water Phoenix is an attached-growth portable wastewater treatment system that uses Submerged Fixed-Bed Biofilm Reactor (SFBBR) technology.  AWS' fixed-bed system benefits from specialized, high surface area media which promote a healthy environment for beneficial microbial activity and biofilm formation.  The result is a highly effective, easy to operate wastewater treatment system that can be provided as a portable treatment plant, permanent installation or retrofit into an existing activated sludge process.
In its portable form, AWS' SFBBR technology is excellent for wastewater treatment/reuse in new real estate developments, as additional or replacement treatment capacity for wastewater utility providers, and as "scalping plants" for direct, non-potable water reuse.  In retrofit applications, the capacity of existing conventional activated sludge plants can be increased dramatically.
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