Front End of Innovation

Driving innovation through Immersive Thinking

Immersive Ideation Sessions

    The PCDworks Immersive Ideation™ process has been refined over the last fifteen years to help teams define and decompose the problem, abandon preconceived notions, identify the solution space, and develop new and innovative concepts within this solution space. By bringing together a diverse multidisciplinary team, old ideas are buried and new insights can be identified, developed, and refined in a few days that have not been previously been found. This all takes place at the PCDworks campus.

    The campus is set on a tree covered 80 acre hill top in East Texas. It is stocked with the latest tools, software, and hardware to quickly move ideas to build out concepts. And most importantly, it's the perfect location for distraction-free collaboration and breakthrough thinking. Through immersion, the customer gains new insight into their own understanding of the problem – the “aha” moment. The Immersion Session is the catalyst to expand the “solution space” beyond the current thinking. In an Immersion Session we tease out and amplify all of the tacit and specialized knowledge that the problem owner has accumulated to fully define the problem. When everyone understands what the problem owner understands, the solution space becomes covered and new concepts begin to emerge. 

  Download the brochure for more information and how the Immersive Ideation™ process can benefit your team, company and profits. 

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