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Exceptional ideas

We don’t stumble onto great ideas. We clear a path and welcome them in through the Immersive Innovation™ process developed by PCDworks Co-Founder, psychologist Mike Rainone.

The Immersion Session™ innovation experience serves as a catalyst to expand the solution space beyond the current thinking. Through it, you gain new insight into your own understanding of the problem - the “aha” moment.

All told, our Immersive Innovation™ process allows your team to define and decompose its problem, abandon preconceived notions, identify the solution space, and develop new and innovative concepts within this solution space. This all takes place at the PCDworks campus, where you're surrounded by the right people, the right attitudes, and the right tools and technology to quickly move ideas to built out concepts. And most importantly, it's the perfect location for distraction-free collaboration and breakthrough thinking.

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Sometimes it's who you know in the world of innovation. And we know a lot of people.

Over the past 25 years, we've built a trusted and diverse network of technology and business experts from around the globe to provide the most innovative thinking.

We don't shop our problems around to large crowd-sourced platforms. After all, we work in some of the most highly proprietary environments, and we understand the need for discretion and protection. By the same token, we're not afraid to reach out and find the missing expertise if we don't have it in-house (which doesn't happen often).

By bringing together a diverse multidisciplinary team, old ideas are buried, new insights are identified and developed, and breakthrough innovation occurs.

We'll help you create the next

disruptive product.

To survive and thrive in today's competitive market, leading companies must create better and more exciting new products. But real innovation comes with plenty of roadblocks.

Because science, engineering, and design are at the heart of everything we do, we can help you with each hurdle and every barrier standing between you and the next great product. Take a look at SecureLoad

That means a full array of scientific and instrumentation testing capabilities, a diverse and experienced team, and an enormous network of high-level specialists. With experience across a diverse group of industries, we offer strong knowledge and skills in many fields and a unique talent for cross-pollinating technological solutions.

We can help you at any stage in the new product development cycle. We dig deeper, work smarter, and push science and technology further than it has gone before to help you find the solution you need.

We are taking innovation to

New Heights

To date, we've developed innovative solutions for 50+ companies across 110+ corporate innovation-R&D projects—
and are responsible for more than 35 patents either issued or in process. Projects include: