Our customers share their thoughts about working with PCDworks. At PCDworks, serendipity is no accident. Our unique ideation process incorporates psychology, business strategy, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing disciplines in an exhaustive yet rapid-fire approach to problem solving. With a masters degree in psychology, PCDworks founder and principal Mike Rainone has developed a unique set of exercises to defeat mental roadblocks. His unusual approach to brainstorming, combined with a foundation of science and technology and broad range of technical expertise, results in truly innovative problem solving. We don’t “stumble” onto great ideas. We clear a path and welcome them in!

"PCD – Product Concept Development was instrumental in moving our Intellectual Property into the market place. PCD provided technical expertise and business acumen in a powerful combination exceeding that of any entity I have worked with in over 30 years in the technology transfer arena."

Dan G. Davis, CPA

Director of Technology Development

Sam Houston State University

"I’ve worked with a lot of outside groups, but Mike Rainone and his team far exceeded my expectations. I was impressed by their talent and breadth of knowledge, and their to get things done quickly and cost effectively. If you’re looking for creativity, innovation, attention to detail and results – PCDworks has it all."

Tod Schultz

Senior Director of Global Upstream Marketing/CoVidian

(Former Director of New Business Development/Kimberly Clark)

"If your company is truly committed to ground breaking technology development and innovation and you need thinking outside the box, look no further than PCDworks. The in-house technical team is the best combination of scientists, engineers and problem solvers that I have ever seen. They don’t take any challenge at face value. They take the deep dive necessary to find the best solution from both the technical and market perspectives. PCDworks is the partner you want if the goal is to create something game changing in your industry."

John Dreu

VP Global New Product Development

Ingersoll-Rand Security Technologies

"As a Product Line Manager employed by Baker Hughes, my primary responsibility was to achieve healthy sustained revenue and market share growth. March 2008, to support our product line growth strategy, PCDworks was selected to analyze various new technologies to determine the most strategically differentiating technology that would on demand perform open and close actuation of a device located an indefinite distance below the earth surface (or ocean floor). The actuation mechanism (or technology) should not hinder the device from closing under catastrophic conditions."

At the outset, PCDworks demonstrated excellence in organizing and facilitating several results focused brainstorming sessions. The brainstorming sessions were strategically assembled with a variety of experts to encourage out-of-the box thinking in order to maximize novel solution ideas, and to enhance our understanding of any associated technical risks during the evaluation of multiple conceptual ideas.

Successful brainstorming followed by feasibility studies led to a final conceptual design, construction, assembly and successfully proof testing; all performed by PCDworks staff on their dedicated campus. The results achieved by PCDworks exceeded my expectations established for the project.

Our contracting of PCDworks for this project reduced time to market for our short and long range opportunities, enabling sustained revenue and market share growth. PCDworks demonstrated excellence throughout the project, and without hesitation we will utilize them for other research and development projects. “

Andrew Haynes

Baker Hughes | Product Line Manager Completions & Production

“Having worked with PCDworks for several years now, there are certain things you can be guaranteed when working with them. You have access to a wide variety of talents and perspectives. They are professionals; they ask pertinent questions, communicate their understanding of the problem and translate the product vision beyond what you thought could be possible. What is unique about them is they believe anything is possible.”

Robert McDaniel

Business Development Manager, Baker Hughes

“PCDworks solves problems that others can’t” J