What we do at PCDworks

Our Mission is to find solutions to your toughest technology problems.

PCDworks is a New Product Development Design and Innovation firm specializing in the development of game changing solutions and technologies. We are experts in a wide range of disciplines and we bring in specialist from across our organization to ensure you get the right team to help solve your most challenging problems.

PCDworks provides world class engineering and technical solutions across the spectrum of industry. From Industrial to Consumer to Medical market places, PCDworks provides accelerated New Product Development by combining our scientific expertise with our Immersive Ideation™ process to help create new products for market.

Who is PCDworks?

PCDworks is made up of a core team of highly experienced scientist, engineers and technical development experts with deep knowledge across many different industries. In addition, PCDworks often calls upon industry and academic resources with deep knowledge and expertise in their respective fields to bring together the right team for the project.

With a passion for technology and a relentless commitment to problem solving, PCDworks serves as a catalyst for breakthrough innovation during client brainstorming sessions

PCDworks is perfectly positioned to help all companies suffering from innovation or technical bottlenecks. As companies look for ways to cut costs and do more with less, they are beginning to rely more heavily on outside research and development. PCDworks offers the right combination of know-how and physical capabilities to support any Company’s R&D needs, while giving rise to truly breakthrough product innovation.