We take on the toughest problems...
And find the most innovative solutions

With unparalleled Research, Ideation, Science, Engineering, Prototyping and Testing capabilities - PCDworks will take your idea from concept to fully functional prototype in record time.

Front End of Innovation

At PCDworks, serendipity is no accident. Our unique ideation process incorporates psychology, business strategy, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing disciplines in an exhaustive yet rapid-fire approach to problem solving.

Product Design

   To survive and thrive in today's competitive market, leading companies must create better and more exciting new products.

Design Engineering

The best way to test a theory is to see it in action. That’s why we’re committed to “getting physical fast.” With a fully outfitted prototype lab just steps away from our brainstorming facilities – we can design, build and test just about anything we dream up.

Turn Key Product Development

   PCDworks Turnkey Product Development Service leverages all of our resources and partners to produce a complete solution.


Our on-site prototype facility enables our team of engineers and scientist to act quickly and deliver even faster.